Frequently Asked Questions

We hear many questions about hospice

Here are a few of the more commonly asked ones. If yours isn't on this list, please email us or call. We know you need answers and are happy to get those answers to you. 

+ How do I know its time for hospice care?

Ideally, hospice care should begin when the focus of care changes from treatment of the disease to treatment of symptoms and providing comfort. The decision to ask for hospice care is a personal one, but generally, the earlier patients and families begin to receive hospice services, the more they benefit. Some of the signs you or a loved one may be ready for hospice include: being told by a primary care physician that you have a life-threatening illness multiple trips to the emergency room in a 6-month period much of the day is spent in a chair or in bed unexplained weight loss where clothes no longer fit properly pain is not well controlled

+ Who pays for Hospice?

Hospice is a fully covered Medicare benefit. It covers the care and services of the hospice team along with medications, medical equipment and supplies related to the hospice diagnosis. Most insurance plans offer hospice benefits. At East Valley Hospice it is our philosophy to never refuse care to anyone based on an inability to pay.

+ Does hospice provide medical equipment in my home?

Yes! Your hospice nurse will assess your specific needs and provide any needed equipment in the home. Medical equipment can be delivered the same day.

+ Is hospice just for cancer patients?

No. Hospice care is for any individual with a life-limiting illness in which the primary goals for care involve managing pain and maintaining comfort.

+ But doesnt hospice usually mean were giving up hope?

Hospice acknowledges that most diseases in their advanced form cannot be cured. It does not mean giving up hope. Hope is found in helping the patient and family achieve the highest possible level of physical comfort and peace of mind.

+ What if the patient shows signs of improvement?

If the patient improves and the disease seems to be in remission, patients can be discharged from hospice care and return to daily life. If a condition returns or worsens, Medicare allows readmission into hospice care and provides additional coverage.

+ Does hospice provide help to the family after the patient dies?

Yes. Bereavement counseling is an integral part of hospice treatment. Additional support such as grief counseling can be provided for up to a year after the patients passing.

+ Does hospice pay for my medications?

Hospice will pay for comfort related medications related to the life limiting illness. Medications are delivered directly to your home by our contracted pharmacy.

+ How can I make a donation to East Valley Hospice?

East Valley Hospice uses donations to help provide care for patients who are not covered by medicare or whose insurance does not include a Hospice Benefit. Thanks to donations like yours, we have never had to turn away a Hospice Appropriate patient. Because East Valley Hospice is not a 501(c)3 organization, we are not able to issue you a tax receipt for your donation. Click on the donate button to make a donation using your credit card or Paypal account or mail your donations to: East Valley Hospice, 1311 W Chandler Blvd, Suite 200, Chandler, Az 85224.