Hospice volunteers assist with a variety of tasks and range in age from teens to senior citizens. Our volunteers have a large impact in the lives of those they help.

Patient Support

This can include visits, reading, taking walks with patients or family members, writing letters for patients, bringing music to share. There are many ways in which volunteers can be supportive to patients.

Family Member Support

Volunteers can assist with shopping or household maintenance, or allow family caregivers the opportunity to take care of necessary errands and get some time away from the house. Family members also appreciate a visit from a compassionate friend who understands what they are going through.

Helping with Pets

Often patients will have pets for which they can no longer care. Volunteers often step in to help feed and walk pets and also supervise visits with patients.

When needed, volunteers can work with hospice bereavement professionals to provide continued support to family members. Volunteers may help by sending emails and finding local support groups as a means of continued help.

Bereavement Support

Administrative Help

Volunteers with strong clerical skills can serve by helping in the office with simple administrative duties.

Thank you for your kindness and caring. It means so much to your patients and their families.
— Pat & Don