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  A Team Motivated by the Desire to Serve  
  Volunteers are an integral part of the care given by East Valley Hospice. Volunteers typically share two to four hours per week with each patient. During this time with patients, volunteers provide a variety of help ranging from grocery shopping to spending time with patients, allowing family members or other caregivers to take much-needed relief.

East Valley Hospice makes sure all volunteers are equipped for the specific challenge of working with terminally ill patients. Volunteers are required to complete training sessions and submit to a routine background check. Depending on the area of service, additional training may be available or necessary.

Interested in Volunteering? Click here for more details.
Areas for Volunteers

• Patient Support

• Family Support

• Helping with Pets • Bereavement Support

• Administrative Support

"Thank you. I could not have made it through with out all of you." -Mindy.


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